How to Activate Glo Unlimited Cheat using vpn – 2023 - free

 Are you attempting to download huge files or conduct an unrestricted web search on your Glo Mobile SIM? Glo Unlimited has you covered, so don't worry!

You can use unlimited bandwidth each day while connecting to a VPN if you have a Glo SIM subscription to Opera or the WTF Bundle.

To acquire access to limitless data, make sure you follow all the procedures on this page without skipping any.

Steps to Use the Glo Unlimited Cheat

  • Glo sim with zero data
  • Subscribe to Glo Opera Mini/WTF Social weekly plan
  • Download Edox Tunnel Pro VPN On Playstore
After completing the necessary steps, sign up for a VPN service and connect to it to begin using the data.

How to Sign Up for the Glo Opera Data or WTF Bundles

This Glo Opera data plan or WTF Plan costs 100 Naira for 100MB and lasts for just a week. It can be activated following the steps below.

  • Simply dial *312# (opera) or *777#(wtf)
  • Reply with - Data
  • Reply with - Buy data plan
  • Select 1 for Auto-renewal, or Select 2 for One-off
  • Select 6 - Social Bundles
  • Choose 3 - Opera Bundles/wtf
  • Choose 2 - N50=100 MB 7days
That’s it, you’ve successfully subscribed to the Glo Opera/WTF weekly data plan. The subscription is mainly for your data to be turned On, the next step is to connect to a VPN.

Activate Glo Unlimited Cheat using Edox Tunnel Pro VPN

  • If this is your first time downloading a VPN, open it with a SIM having normal data first to update Tweaks.

  • Tap on the Update Button to load the newly added tweak then change the data connection back to your Glo SIM. Select NO for any prompt.

  • Click on Direct SSH then select NG|GLO unlimited Latest Fast 1,2 or 3 Tweak

  • Once done, hit the big START BUTTON and the top then wait for a few seconds to get connected.

If it refuses to connect, just On and off Airplane mode on your device then connect again. Ensure you subscribe to the Glo Opera Mini/WTF bundle.

Your Opera or WTF Bundle won’t be deducted and you can browse unlimitedly. Unlike any other free & fast browsing cheat, the Glo Unlimited might not be as fast as your normal data but still manageable.

If any error is encountered with all setup on this page, ensure you follow the instructions step by step then drop your queries in the comment section below if you need help.

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