Smartcash PSB - Get up to 5gb daily on Airtel


Smartcash PSB is giving out free information for each Airtel client who Join and sets aside their first installment by means of another bank.

As a new or enlisted client, you can store day-to-day and get free 500 Mb, 1 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, and up to 5 GB depending upon the sum saved. You likewise get to appreciate a 100%  Reward when you re-energize your Airtel line with smart-cash PSbank.

About Smartcash PSB

SmartCash is a main and imaginative Installment Administration Save money with a general vision of crossing over the monetary gap by giving provincial and metropolitan Nigerians solid financial administrations as well as supporting the National Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) drive to guarantee monetary Incorporation for each Nigerian.

With its corporate central command in Lagos, Nigeria, SmarCash's general goal is to guarantee monetary consideration for everybody remembering people for the furthest and remotest pieces of Nigeria.

Features of Smartcash PSB

  • Send Money: Send money to Smartcash wallet, accounts, other banks, and mobile numbers.

  • Receive money: Receive money from any bank in Nigeria into your smartcash wallet/account.

  • Buying of airtime: You can buy your airtime from your wallet or account

  • Pay bills: No hassle! Make your bill payment with ease. Smartly schedule payments for your frequent or recurring bills.

  • Withdrawal: With money loaded in your SmartCash account, it takes a minute to withdraw cash!

How to Register and get up to 5Gb on Smartcash PSB

Before proceeding to register, note that you must deposit before the data bonus will be credited to your Airtel line. 1k Deposit gives 500mb, 2k Deposit gives 1gb, 20k deposit gives 3gb, 30k deposit for 4gb, 50k deposit gives 5gb. Your money can be withdrawn after the deposit.

  • Download Smartcash PSB from Playstore or Apple store.
  • Open the app and register with your Airtel Number, verify OTP, and set.
  • Set security question and finally, login to your account.
Now that you have successfully registered, the next step is to make a deposit in other to receive free data. To deposit, let’s assume I registered with the number (08027877131). My account details would be

  • Account number- 8027877131
  • Bank Name – Smartcash Payment Service Bank (Smartcash PSB)
You can also get 100% cashback bonus on any amount of airtime you recharge, but I will advise sticking with the data bonus, that’s all. Ensure you share this with friends and family so that they can enjoy the data bonus.

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