Unlock Global Earnings: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a GeegPay Virtual Account for International Payments

 Most platforms that earn you money online will request a US, UK, or GBP bank account. Since you do not reside in the US or UK, how will you be able to get your earnings? There are many platforms out there that will get you these three virtual accounts but many of them come with a very low exchange rate, but today am going to teach you how to open a GeegPay Virtual account


     What is a GeegPay virtual account?

Geegpay virtual account is used easily to receive international

payments for your work + a USD virtual debit card for your global spending.

GeegPay features?

  • Works with PayPal, Payoneer, and Amazon

The USD account here can be used to withdraw funds from PayPal, Payoneer, and Amazon. Like Grey and Payoneer, creating a virtual account is free, and you only need to prove your identity.

You can also link this virtual account to Payoneer so that you can withdraw your Payoneer funds at the black market rate. I guess everybody knows Payoneer’s rate is very low. The rate at the time of writing is NGN445, which is the official CBN rate. If you still withdraw from Payoneer straight to your Naira account, you are losing a lot of money.

  • Virtual Dollar card for PayPal Verification and international payment

The card can be funded from either your USD, UK, or GBP account. You can also fund this card from your Nigeria bank account as well. This is a very good option for Nigerians, especially now that most banks have limited the spending limit on their cards to $20.

Even platforms that provide us with USD virtual cards are having difficulties right now, an example is a barter by Flutter Wave. Hopefully, the issues get resolved, but for now, you have GeegPay virtual card, to make all your online payments.

How to Register For a GeegPay account

To register and verify your GeegPay account, follow this process,

  • On the right-side corner, click on Open an account.

  • choose freelancer or company account and your country

  • Enter your email address

    • Confirm your email

    • Create a password


    • You will have to do the rest on your phone because you will need to verify your identity by taking a selfie of yourself and providing your NIN number. All you need is your NIN number, not even your NIN slip or Card and utility bill. You can also use your voter’s card or license card for your ID verification. Then you will also need to upload any utility bill like the Nepa bill to verify your address.

    • After ID verification, you can request virtual cards. You can request GBP, USD, Euro, and Naira bank accounts. Your USD account will be given to you immediately after you request one, but your Euro and GBP accounts may take a week.

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