Waverlite: Review, How To Earn Free 5k or More

 This particular platform that we are about to talk about right now that is called Waverlite will allow you to get a free 1k (1000) sign up bonus or registration bonus and you can even and more 5k and more. 

We are going to be looking into the platform that is the Waverlite review and how you can actually earn from the platform from the start once you complete your registration. 

You will be granted 10 WC is better. We should go a little dip about the platform so as to know how they function and what you need to do so as to earn from them. 

About Waverlite 

Waverlite is more or less like a program that allows users to receive and send money globally with no boundary in the kind of transaction you can make with your money internationally or globally. 

For them to gain more recognition Waverlite have added some kind of interesting registration process and a referral bonus to new users. 

Which is part of what most platforms do occasionally so as to let most people know about them.

Most people who sign in or sign up for new on the platform will be told to get up to 1,000 registration bonus which is tasked as the 10 WC currency on their platform. referral bonus if you were able to tell your friends about the platform and join using your referral code which is more or less what we call a referral program.

As we always do you will need to do certain things before you can think of any and withdraw your money from waverlite.

If you wish to know more about the platform we are going to provide a link that will lead straight to the signup page where you can read more about the platform but we are going to be leading you through the ways how you can sign up for free and get your 1k registration bonus right now. 

How To Join Waverlite And Earn 1000 (W¢ 10) Registration Bonus

  1. Firstly you will need to sign up using the registration link by clicking here.
  2. Use the link provided above to register or sign up for a waverlite account so as to get your own monkey or a 1,000 registration bonus. 
  3. The signup page consists of you providing some information like your email, resident full name, and date of birth. 
  4. One should provide them one after the other and you were able to log in straight to your account once you provide here phone number you will earn yourself 10 Wave Coins which is also tagged as WC. 

    my account

  5. When you complete your registration you will need to sign into your dashboard and look at the top section stating that your account or identification is not completed. 
  6. That will be stated on your Waverlite Account dashboard from here you will need to verify your account using some form of identification. 

How To Complete Signup

  • Firstly you will need to verify the email that you provided earlier on your restriction or sign-up page. 
  • That you will need to also attach a wave tag and thing which will also allow you to complete your registration. 
  • Follow by completing your KYC using forms of identification like providing a valid id card just as a National Identity Card, international passport driver’s license, etc. 

  • After you upload any of the forms of identity you wish to make you then you will need to verify your email as you said earlier. 
  • Once that is done what night is it to set up a financial profile on your waverlite account. 
  • This will be out some information regarding how much you earn yearly or annually and some other particular information that tends to be extracted from the financial status section. 

After you complete the steps and tax then you should go back to your dashboard and click on the exchange button you have to exchange your 10 WC which is equivalent to 1k or 1000 for your registration bonus. 

You might be wondering how you can withdraw your cash from wavellite and how you can get your referral link from this platform. Worry no more for we are still intact with the article, let’s look into how you can get your referral link and share it with your friends. 

How To Get Your Referral Link On Waverlite 

Before you can think of getting a referral link on waverlite you should have created a wave tag as we said earlier which our own work tag is said to be Alitech. 

  • Once you create your own link you will see the card attached to your own unique referral link to get your waverlite referral link. 

  • Click on the drop-down menu you see at the right side corner under the profile icon that is provided on your waverlite dashboard. 
  • Then you should be provided with some options which you should see a referral from the option provided. 
  • Click on it once you land on the page you should see where you can copy or referral link and share it with your friends. 

It was also stated on a page that you will earn 500 or 5h per referral which is equivalent to 5 wave coin WC once your friends complete the task that we mentioned above. 

Make sure they carry out every task and they should also have it at the back of their mind that they will get 1000 sign-up bonuses and you are the invite. I will also get a 500 referral bonus or reward. 

Now is the time to know how you can withdraw from waverlite. 

How To Withdraw From Waverlite 

Announcement you have accumulated your bonus both the registration bonus and referral bonus on waverlite. 

Need to do to withdraw your balance is to click on the withdrawal button close to the Naira tag you find on your waverlite dashboard. 

Then you will need to provide a bank verification number BVN so as to complete the withdrawal. 

After that, you can now provide your account information which will be attached to your profile. 

From there you can now be thinking of placing a withdrawal which a charge is attached to, that is if you wish to withdraw 1,000 you will get a Naira amount of 850.

waverlite withdrawal proof

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