Supersubtech - How To Convert Airtime To Cash

Supersubtech-Are you in a situation whereby you mistakenly recharge your line from your bank account with excess airtime or you need to convert some earned airtime to cash?

Perhaps you might haven’t stumbled across the supersubtech website, well the supersubtech website is a website you can use to carry out different transactions on your mobile device. With the Website, you can change airtime to cash under 5 minutes and you’ll get back the excess airtime you had bought back into your bank account as cash.

Unlike other app with high convertion rate, supersubtech will only charge you 30% of the amount of Airtime you want to convert. If you are converting N500 which is the minimum, you will be charged 30% of N500 which is N100.

What Is Supersubtech

Supersubtech is a registered telecommunication company that provide voice or data transmission services, such as; Mobile Data, Cable Sub, Electric Bill, Airtime (VTU).

You can also enjoy Affordable Data Rates and Convenient way to pay your bills, Airtime Top up and Data Topup.

Features Of Supersubtech

  • We Are Reliable Supersubtech is a fully optimized platform for reliability and dependability. You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us
  • We are automated - We use cutting-edge technology to run our services. Our data delivery and wallet funding is automated, airtime top-up and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.
  • 24/7 Support - Our customers are premium to us, hence satisfying them is our topmost priority. Our customer service is just a click away.
  • Customer Support - Our customer service is just a click away, don't hesitate to consult us on anything as the system is 90% automated. Thus, all transactions are attended to within 5-15mins...

Supersubtech Registration

You must have a registered account with before you can start Flipping your Airtime, below is how to register

  • Click here to register an account
  • After registration,Add primary bank account.
  • Go to settings to add a primary bank account

How To Convert Airtime To Cash on Supersubtech

  • Go to your dashboard to select covert airtime to cash

  • Add network,Mobile number(The number you want to transfer from),add amount,where did you want to add your fund(Your wallet or your bank account).

  • Then click on proceed
  • Copy the code you are been giving

  • After you have transfer with the code click on cofirm
Note: If you select bank account it will take less than 5 minute to be created and if you select your wallet it will take less than 2 minute


Supersubtech is the fastest growing airtime to cash converter in Nigeria.Enjoy Affordable Data Rates and Convenient way to pay your bills, Airtime Top up and Data Topup.

With supersubtech, you can sell your Airtime with only 30% charges on any network.

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